Funeral Director Information

Legacy works with 3,500 funeral homes worldwide. Our funeral home partners benefit from our unparalleled scale and expertise in online obituaries.

We provide a variety of products that can help grow your funeral home business.

1. Funeral Home Local Spotlight

Give special attention to your families on your local newspaper’s obituary home page with prominent obituary placement. Enhance the focus on the deceased, linking guests to an editorial-style obituary with larger photos and copy, and help people find your funeral home more easily.

2. Funeral Home Marketing Program

Grow your funeral home business by expanding your exposure online and harnessing the power of the Legacy Network. The program offers five strategic ways to help you get more people on your website, gain more leads in your market, and satisfy more families.

3. Funeral Home Directory (free)

Increase your funeral home's online exposure by creating a free funeral home profile in the Legacy Funeral Home Directory. The directory is linked to over 1,500 newspapers worldwide and receives over 2 million visitors each month.
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